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Don't argue with me - you're only the author...

...says your main character.

How often this happens to a writer. You create a story, with characters, places, problems and an outline of the action,

which may be a fairly straight road if you're a detailed plotter...

or if you let the story develop as you write, perhaps it travels along a woodland path disappearing into the mist.

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For many writers, however, once their characters take shape, they become independent, refusing to do as the plot demands. They produce relatives you had no idea existed, they confess to certain talents and weaknesses, they display skills or even vices you really don't want, but if you don't accept them, the story can't move on.

In the battle of characters versus authors, the characters win every time. So the author follows, rather than leads. But when readers say they enjoyed the novel, then the author has to thank those stubborn characters.

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