The Montailhac Family Series
3 - Joachim's story

 Joachim is the youngest of the three Montailhac brothers. [ * see below ]

Always close to the land, he supervises his father's estates and livestock. Athletic, hard-working and keen to prove himself, Joachim seems to have the life he wants. But he has a guilty secret and it reappears to cause havoc. At the same time, two  visitors arrive, full of their own problems; and the unrest simmering in the southern French towns spreads into his local area.


Helen [Nell] and Sophie Hartford are cousins of Joachim's sister-in-law, Olivia [see Scandalous Lady]. In the Spring of 1818 they find themselves outcasts from their father's home in Paris and are forced to accept Olivia's assurance that the Marquise de Fontanes and her family will make them welcome. Two troubled girls struggle to fit into the very different lifestyle of the large and slightly exotic Montailhac family.

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