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My Girls have other ideas!

Updated: May 28

When another writer complained recently that 'Regency heroines only have music and embroidery as hobbies', my girls protested vigorously. They face many challenges as they carve their way through life.

Kitty from Cheshire.

'Mama insisted I learn to play the pianoforte and to sing. I enjoy sewing, and I ride but my main interest is helping in the local hospital. Poor folk deserve help when they are ill. However, I did not expect that I would get shot. ' [The Wild Card]

Sarah from Wiltshire.

'I was taught to play and I can sing reasonably well. It takes most of my time to run the estate for my brother, but he gambles all the money away.

Whenever possible, I enjoy reading horrid novels and Bath has an excellent Lending Library.' [In All Honour]

Rose from Berkshire.

'I went to the Abbey School in Reading. I love music and dancing. My main talent is drawing, and it helps me earn enough to be independent. Unfortunately, it also drew me into a highly dangerous plot in a far-off land.' [April and May ]

Anna from Hampshire.

‘I play the pianoforte and I have a good reading voice. My friends and I have sworn to live a life of adventure like Lord Byron's Childe Harold. As I’m in disgrace at home, I’m setting off on my first quest NOW.' [The Rake's Challenge ]

P.S. It was an fortunate chance that brought me to Brighton at such an eventful time.

Olivia from Gloucestershire.

'Well, I can play the pianoforte if I have to. I prefer to listen to other

Girl in the harem - Osman Hamdi Bey

people's playing. I draw well enough for my brother to want my sketches of the ancient buildings he loves to explore, and I can run a large estate. I adore riding and I am a crack shot. Most of all I want to travel to exotic lands. I am on my way to Constantinople to meet my role model, Lady Hester Stanhope there.' [Scandalous Lady ]

Louise from London.

'My family are Huguenots. We work as silversmiths and I design jewellery. I used to enjoy riding before we moved into town. Of course I can sew, mending garments and making new ones is an essential skill, like it or not. I always obey Grandfather, which is how I became a secret agent for exiled King Louis at Hartwell House near Aylesbury. However dangerous, the travelling is more interesting than life in Soho.' [ The Rake and His Honour ]

Hartwell House

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