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 Regency Kisses - Lady Catherine's Salon.... a Facebook Group for readers and writers of Regency Romance, with a focus more on drama in the drawing room than in the bedroom. The membership continues to grow and there is much useful discussion, and sharing of pictures and details of information about that era. 

 I was a Guest Hostess for a week in February 2024, and we had great fun, especially preparing for a soirée at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.Two of the group's Patronesses have recently published a Resource for writers of stories set in the Regency era : Writing Regency England.




Returning from Constantinople with vital secret papers, diplomat Sebastian Welland is forced to put in to Lisbon for ship repairs. It is May 1809 and Lisbon fears an imminent French invasion, so two families pressure Seb to take their daughters home to England. As he already has two Turkish envoys in his charge, he is reluctant, but needs must. And even when he gets everyone to London, they all remain dependent on him. And who is trying to find those secret papers?  The French would give an arm and a leg to know the contents. 

 SNIPPETS from the Tales
In the coach -1
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In the coach - 2
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Time Travel
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