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May 1809. Bound for England with vital dispatches from Constantinople, envoy Sebastian Welland is forced to stop in Lisbon for repairs as his ship was damaged in a heavy storm. 

 He learns that the British and Portuguese armies, under Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Wellesley have defeated the French army under Marchal Soult at Oporto. But the threat of a French invasion remains, and Lisbon is alert for trouble. 

Sebastian becomes aware that someone is searching his possessions. Who is the spy?

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 Torre de Belem, Lisbon

    Sir Arthur Wellesley

Due to the ongoing threat, two English families oblige Sebastian to allow their womenfolk passage on his frigate to England. Reluctantly, since he already has two Turkish diplomats to supervise, Sebastian agrees. Once in England, the womenfolk are now his responsibility and complicate his affairs horribly, especially as one of them is definitely spying for the French.

Next he is summoned to Brighton to meet with the Prince of Wales. The ladies are also bound for Brighton, so Sebastian's troubles continue. 

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