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My Welsh imagination tends to overwhelm my practical Lancashire side. From a very young age I made up adventure stories and persuaded my childhood friends to act them out with me. When I had to join the real world I was a Languages teacher in several countries before giving in to the urge to write stories.

A lifelong love of Jane Austen inspired me to set my Regency Tales in the age of Napoleon. This gives the opportunity for elegance, glamour, duels and social customs that both shock and fascinate, together with adventure, intrigue and romance. A few real persons appear among the characters, in small but necessary roles.  

" Beth Elliott's books are witty, engaging and totally entertaining "


NICOLA CORNICKUSA Today Bestselling Author 


"Full of enjoyable moments"  Rachel A Hyde 


"[Her stories have] many similar qualities to Georgette Heyer's books, a must for lovers of this genre." 

Red Roses for Authors


"...a talent for describing places...and a steely quality" 

Richard Blake, author of the Aelric series 


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