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Another day, another duel

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Pistols at dawn for Giles in yet another duel, before he drives out of London, weary of Society and especially of the ladies hopeful of ensnaring him. On his wanderings he encounters another runaway and they strike up a temporary friendship until Anna reaches her new home. A month later they meet again in Brighton, where everyone has come to enjoy the sea bathing, and all the entertainments on offer.

For assemblies, cards and dice, or perhaps tea parties, they go to The Castle Tavern.

The Castle Tavern, [image owned by the Society of Brighton Print Collectors]

The Steyne offers an open area for promenading. It's close to the Royal Pavilion, also to the shopping streets, and then there is Donaldson's Library, an excellent place to see and be seen, as well as to select books. It's on the right in this picture. The main figure on horseback is the Prince Regent.

Donaldson's Circulating Library. [image owned by the Society of Brighton Print Collectors]

Both Giles and Anna try sea bathing - but not together, of course.

Brighton Bathing Machines, with ladies and Dippers

Brighton has more than its share of rakes and undesirable characters. Giles is obliged to guide his new friend through the pitfalls, especially when the Prince Regent shows an interest in her. But it is another character entirely who falls foul of Giles, and this leads to another duel, this time with swords.

Take a trip to 1814 Brighton via the story and enjoy a lively holiday and the sea air in good company.

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